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The Sanest Days Are Mad

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18 April
Bi-racial Thai & English (Eurasian)
Born in Singapore.
Raised in California.
Studied Image Consulting & Fashion Merchandising.
Moved to Texas in 2000.
Loves her mom.
Loves her New Wave.
Doesn't eat veggies.

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12 + 1, 80's pop music, 80s, a christmas story, abba, alan cumming, american psycho, angelina jolie, art, astrology, bangs, baths, biracial, black dahlia, blow out, board games, books, booze, bowling, buddhism, burlesque, cabaret, california, candy, cannibalism, card games, christian bale, christopher walken, concerts, costumes, dane cook, depeche mode, documentaries, drag queens, drawing, dreams, edward norton, egypt, electronic, elvira, erasure, erotica, eurasian, faces of death, family guy, famke janssen, fashion, fashion design, flip flops, food, furniture, gambling, garbage, ghosts, hairspray the movie, half-breeds, halloween, hats, hookers, horiscopes, ice cream, insomniac with dave attell, interacial, interior design, jake gyllenhaal, janeane garofalo, journals, junk food, karaoke, karen finley, kevin spacey, kids in the hall, kylie minogue, lightning, lingerie, london, margaret cho, me, morrissey, movies, new order, new wave, nip/tuck, no doubt, oingo boingo, omd, painting, pajamas, paranormal activity, paul ruebens, pee wee herman, pee wee's big adventure, penguins, penn & teller, perfume bottles, pet shop boys, photography, pinball, poe, politics, porn, pulp fiction, puzzles, queen, ren & stimpy, rocky horror picture show, roller coasters, sarcasm, saturday night live, serial killers, sewing, sex, shannyn sossamon, sharon tate, shoes, shopping, six flags, snoopy, style, tarot, tattoos, thai, thai culture, thai food, thailand, the beatles, the carpenters, the lightning seeds, the simpsons, the sims, the smiths, the young ones, thuderstorms, tim burton, toys, travel, travel sick, ugly socks, uma thurman, valley of the dolls, voyeurism, wallace & gromit, webcams, weddings, wham!, wigs, willy wonka, wonder woman, yaz, your mom

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