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The Sanest Days Are Mad
What do I write about? How great I've been doing? How busy work has been? How truly being on my own has made me a less caring person? How being on my own has made me scared to spend money that I hardly eat anymore? (But I sure look good) I've lost 18 lbs since this whole ordeal began. My mom is actually pleased to hear that I've lost weight. Way to go mom to look on the bright side. Actually most of my friends have given me some advice/comments that were totally shocking to me. You take it and grow. A very old friend, Kris who was my biology partner in high school gave me his number since he's just finished up his divorce and had a few words of wisdom, that was a great conversation. We just scratched the surface on trying to catch up. He said something about how it's strange that we never dated. I mentioned different clicks and whatnot. An invitation to visit was mentioned and I mentioned that I might be heading to California in July. My friend Aimey invited me to San Francisco for a concert. I've never been to San Fran and Kris is 2 hours away. Looks like it might be the Sylla Cali Reunion Tour. There are several people who I need to see besides my mom: Monie, Iris, Aimey, Edna, Dave, Yvonne and Kris.

This brings me to the part of where everybody has been asking if I plan on moving back to California anytime soon. The answer as of now is no. I have a decent job that I bitch about but it does pay the bills. (and that's a major thing right now to pay off debt before I make any type of move) Ru has mentioned something that deep inside I thing if I move back it's like accepting defeat. I can't make it on my own so go back home. Yeah I'll admit there's an ounce of truth to that. I don't want to come home and live with my mom. I might have a roommate here but at least I'm doing this on my own. Joel has not helped me at all through this move. He was surprised that I moved as soon as I did. I know he thought that I wasn't capable of leaving so that's why he extended the invitation of staying at the house. There was no way I could handle that. I had my friends come to the house to help me move my stuff. A new friend who I had no idea would do the amount he has done, G. I couldn't have moved as fast as I did without him. My Houston family, Ru, Joe & Leslie really have helped me through this where without them I probably would be on plane back with my tail between my legs. So with all that being said, I think I will be here for at least another year and I'll take it from there. I feel that I am free and can go anywhere now so why back to California?

It's all about: The Cure - Boys Don't Cry

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Friday Russell and I went to the HAHMP gala at the Intercontinental Hotel in the Galleria. Most of Houston's hispanic news anchors were there like Mernerva Perez & Vicente So and so were there. The big person of the night was John Quinones from 20/20 and Primetime Live. Our company donated some tuxes to the scholarship winners of the night so Russell got 2 tickets and invited me to. He got his tux and I finally got to wear one of my dresses for a 2nd time. We were excited because we've never been to one of these functions before and we're all about free food and drinks. Russell's friend who helped with this function introduced us to a lot of important people who are involved with the HAHMP. Everybody was so warm and friendly. John Quinones was at the $10,000 table and we were in the back of the ballroom. Russell's friend boss was saying how she was excited to meet John and I said you better get a camera ans she said good idea so she found someone with a camera and dragged me to go up there with a few of her friends to meet him. I was like why the hell not? I don't know anybody here besides Russell. So 4 of us women went up to the table and the lady who grabbed me, Lucy tapped on John's shoulder and saw 4 fantastically dressed women wanting to meet him. He stood up with a great smile and we introduced ourselves and when I introduced myself he shook my hand and brought me close to him and gave me a kiss on the cheek. We had received an e-mail at work saying that one of our locations were to give John a tuxedo but he decided to wear a suit instead. I mentioned something smart like, "we were waiting for you to get one of our tuxes, but you never showed up!" He said something to the effect of,"well if I knew you were going to be there I would of shown up." I laughed and he introduced me to his colleague who now I just forgot his name. We took a few pictures and I was heading to be at the end of the group but somehow ended up standing next to him with his arm around me. It was so much fun to be talking to this major news anchor. He asked me what my last name was and of course my last name is not of hispanic decent. I told him I was Eurasian and we talked about Thailand and how he was there and the conversation went onto why I didn't speak Thai but he said he understood how a parent from another country would want their child to just learn English. He was so charming and warm. I couldn't beliefe he was spending a few minutes with a nobody like myself. He asked if I have been to New York and I said no, then he gives me his business card and tells me to give him a call if I'm ever there. I'm floored. The women around me were like, Holy shit. I'm like, "Thanks I'll do that." They are getting ready to serve dinner and I thanked him for his time and he shook my hand and kissed my cheek again. It was sooo cool! I ran back to Russell and told him that he kissed me twice and I got his business card. Russell of course takes it to the gutter. "You know what he wants.."

The evening was wonderful. All the speakers and to see the scholarship winners in our tuxes. We got to meet some really interesting people and nobody thought they were better than anyone. It was like we all knew each other.

After that we headed to Russell's friends house because his boyfriend was celebrating his birthday. We stopped by over dressed for a while and had a few drinks. It was getting late so we headed back to our side of town stopped off at the gas station and got ourselves some ice cream and headed back to his house. I changed into my PJ's and Russell threw in a movie we were talking about last week, "Creepshow" We laughed our ass off because of how campy it was. I drove on home and went to bed because I had to be at work in a few hours.

Saturday I worked over at our Fry Road location. It was pretty busy being prom at all. I thought I did pretty well for the day. But that location isn't half as busy as our location and it was nice to get out of the store.

Today I went to work at the usual store and it was go go go from the beginning. With the time change it made the day go by faster. I picked up some dinner and now I'm going to dye my hair because I can't stand the strands of blonde showing. I'm dying to back to all black.

Last night we went to see V for Vendetta which I loved!! I want to see it again. We ate at a Thai restaurant in town called Thai Pepper. The pad thai was excellent. The eggrolls not so much. But the best Thai food in town is Sawadee.
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I guess I'm around. I mean I read what's going on but not really in the mood to write about anything.

I guess you can say I'm in a mental slump. It's all emotional bullshit that I don't want to write about because it's usually the same.

So what's going on?

Welp mom was married in February haven't really heard from her much.
I can't take a lot of the people at work.
There's no leads on new jobs that are willing to pay close to what I'm making now.
I want to go to California.
I got the worst highlight job in my life Wednesday and all it took to fix it is me and box of $9.99 Feria to turn it red.
My bangs are officially gone.
I've become an Origins junkie.
I've started wearing make up on a daily basis. (close friends will be amazed)
Co-workers are thinking I'm having an affair.
I've re-decorated the master bathroom and it looks ten times better
I realize that I seriously need some female friends in Houston to hang out with.

There you have it.

It's all about: Haircut 100 - Love Plus One

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I called mom's chapel to pay the balance on the place. We got to talking about what he was going to wear and I was thinking that perhaps I could do something since I work at the tux place mom was totally up for it but I had her call he fiance, because I don't want to come off and I'm taking for the whole bit. I mean I picked the place. I'm taking care of their license,minister, Doing the gift bags/favor, announcements, cake, topper, cutlery, etc..etc..so yeah I did a lot except for mom's dress, and the reception dinner. Here I am wanting to pick out what he's going to wear. But here's what set me off, he was going to wear a suit with a bow tie and cummerbund.. So yeah red light goes off. Mom called me back and said he seemed to be into it. So I'm going to run it by the boss to see what I can do and to keep it on the low down because I don't co-workers saying anything. I got most of his sizes. I had to guess at his coat but I think it should be ok. I do this for a living right? But you know..leave it to me to fuck it up when it counts.

I'm leaving for New Orleans on Sunday and I'm starting to think that maybe that wasn't such a great idea to have taken the job. There's still a lot of stuff that needs to be done and I'm not getting the vibe from Joel that he wants to help me. Which leaves me stressed about getting the house in shape for our house-sitter. The days are just going by really fast now.

Joel called me to tell me he was with his boss and I guess their are painting the town red or brown..hell whatever.. Just don't wake me up when you stumble to the room.

The past week I have been on cranky bitch. Ok I'll admit that I have been. I'm really short with people. Co-workers...ok boss. I'm irritated that it's been since November and no word on my review and the attitude I'm getting is "It's out my hands". What will it take to get an answer. Do I get a raise or not?!? WTF. What's pissing me off more and more everyday is that this is months that if I did deserve a raise.. I'm missing out on money. This is money that can be going towards my debts/ mom's wedding/vacation..etc. But I'm struggling. Can't wait to pay off my car in August. Nevermind that I'm going to get another care shortly after.. =P

It's all about: Kylie Minogue - Fever

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The day went by pretty fast. I did get some things done. Finished making and bagging the soaps. Picked up some shoes for the wedding. I didn't think it would be that hard to find a pair of dress shoes that didn't look like granny shoes (without spending more than what my dress cost) I picked up a new book to read on the both plane rides "Stiff" by Mary Roach

Joel and I met up for dinner and then headed to Target to grab a few things to clean up the house. I'd get started but I'm pretty tired right now. I thought I could sneak in a nap but that didn't happen. We had plans to go see a couch that Ru's friends where selling for super cheap but they moved it to Friday. I think Ru was a little upset by that seeing that we had plans to set up his internet and for me to teach him some basics about the computer we gave him.

I want a new sound. I'm tired of what's out there..
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In less than 2 weeks my mom is getting married. Things are coming together.

I will be busy as hell in these 2 weeks which is a big reason why I'm up at 4:22am. Saturday I found out that I am to fly out to New Orleans and then drive an hour to Baton Rouge to cover a store there. I'll be leaving this Sunday and coming back Tuesday. Then that Friday I'll be flying to Vegas. Today and Wednesday will be my only days off so I have to make the most of it. Things like cleaning up the house because Ru will be staying here when we leave to Vegas. Laundry needed to be done like 2 weeks ago and I'm just now putting a dent in it. I've made some soap to put in the gift bags for the wedding guests. I've packaged pretty much everything that will be heading to Vegas.

I'm not sure what to think about this trip to New Orleans. It's not like I'll be staying there a while so I can really check things out. At least the company is flying me out and providing me transportation. The down side there will be another co-worker who I have not made staying in the same suite as me. Everybody who has met with her loves her. She's from New Orleans so they keep saying that she'll show me a good time. Joel was surprised when I told him I was going. He really doesn't want me to go. But it's only for a few days.

I've been turning my entries into friends only. I only have 2 more years to go. I'm at 2001. What a task.
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Things are coming together and I feel better that today I received the chapel's invoice in the mail with the correct date. I'm being obssesive compulsive wanting to call the place everyday to make sure that I don't mess this up. Earlier in the week I purchased a engraved pocket watch for my mom's husband. (can't quite say step-dad). Tonight I finally purchased the wedding announcements.

Joel & Priscilla
are happy to announce
the marriage of
Mom's husband
on Saturday, the fourth of February
Two thousand and six
Name of Place
Las Vegas, Nevada

Last night xandalee and I were looking at cakes and found some really cool ones. But I received the quote today via email and it's a little too rich for my blood. Considering it's only feeding 20 people and then want next to 300 bucks for a cake. FTS. There was one that is 170 which is a little better but I will have to think about that one.

Joel has found out that Ladytron will be at SXSW this year but can't bring himself to blow $500 on a music badge. I don't blame him. Right now in April they will be in Chicago and MA. Joel's looking into maybe flying to see them. I don't think I can get away since it's prom season. Rumor has it that they might be at Coachella this year too. That's Joels Birthday too. We'll see.
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Mom booked her hotel for the wedding. I booked her wedding at the chapel earlier tonight. But I'm paranoid because I told the lady at first October 4 (That's our wedding date) I'm like "no no no" Feb 4th! Shit. At the end of the phone call I think she said it right but stupid me with my brain going all over the place let it slip by me. I called back and left a message and also sent an email. I'll call monday. I'm going to be those annoying people, I'm sure of it. We just booked our hotel. I'm printing out the itenarary. 4 day weekend..Sweet. Forgot to mention that the minister shouldnt' mention anything about God. I'll dothat Monday too.

I'm working the bridal extravaganza that's going on tomorrow. I've been so tired the past couple of days because work has been so busy. It's going to be tough to be "on" in front of 100s of brides. SMILE!!!

Ok bedtime..
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I've been putting this off for a long time. It's not breaking news but it should of been worthy enough to have been logged earlier.

My mom is getting married next month in Vegas.

I'm not going through the whole "You'll never be my dad" thing. It's more of a "things are happening kind of fast" thing. How about "This is pretty fucked up that I'll be meeting you the day you marry my mom". So yeah. Mom's getting married in Vegas and then sometime in the year flying to Thailand to have a "real" ceremony.

Right now I'm in the process of finding a place to stay and a decent time to fly out of Houston for this thing. Not sure how I'm going ask Joel about this one. I'm el broko. My mom told me that I'm the Best Man. Does that mean I get to throw her a bachalorette party? I'll be taking care of the ceremony arrangements, announcements, gift bags (I'll be the doing the same thing I did for our wedding), and mainly all the other little things (guest book etc.). I have a feeling I'll be booking a few rooms for some guest. Her fiance has the "reception" done. It'll be at a Thai restaurant where he knows the owners and there will live music. I remember the days when my parents would go to this Thai place in West Covina every weekend where we knew the owners and I would get to go in the backroom and play with their son. We'd run next door to buy some Garbage Pail Kids and run back to gross our parents out while they were drinking Singha. Then later in the evening the entertainment would show up and we'd dance in front of the stage while people were eating. I love memories like that.

I just realized that this package doesn't include a cake. I'm going to have to find a place that does that. It'll be small but something.

I'm not sure how much time we'll have to see a show. I really want to see Penn & Teller at the Rio but they are dark on the day we're there. Cirque is too expsensive. I would love to see "O".

Two people have already RSVP'd xandalee and her boyfriend rjpass. ohmyohmy if you're free in February, email me and I'll give you the details. Mom would love to see you.

You know what sucks thought? My 10 year reunion that's really happening 11 years after is the same day of the wedding but it's so ghetto being held at some club in Brea that I'm not even going to worry about it. I'm not paying $65 dollars to hang at a club especially when most of the people that I've been in contact with aren't going. So FTS...

Ok so I'm going to stock up on some stuff for mom's wedding before I'm wiped out financially.
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