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Lisa Lampanelli May 20 at the Laff Stop Houston - The Sanest Days Are Mad
Lisa Lampanelli May 20 at the Laff Stop Houston
The show was fucking amazing. That's all there was to it. She's great. You hits on everybody and it was so funny because I went with 5 gay guys and here I am the fag hag. They sat us in the middle which was pretty cool. The opener was a gay comic that has a few good lines and totally didn't realize that there were gays in the crowd until he did some type of Liberace bit that I almost spit out my drink and Ru and I busted up laughing because it's the same bit we do at work. So we caught his eye and the comic says "Oh I forgot to ask if my sisters were here tonight" So they raised their drinks to him. Then he mentioned something about riding on a float. When Lisa came out she went right on to her "I love to fuck black men" skit. The whole I blew more black men than Katrina bit killed. In front of the stage they put a bunch of everybody for her to pick on like they did on her DVD. THe hot black guy, the hispanic, the old white man, the soccer mom, the jew, and a gay couple. She layed in to them all it was so funny. She looked over to us and noticed Joe and Leslie and she said "What about you faggot, what's the biggest thing you put up your ass?" And I leaned back on Russell laughing my ass off. Leslie was going to answer too and she cut him off. She reffered to Leslie throughout the night which was awesome. Always starting the question with "Hey cornholer, or hey faggot." Leslie is such a big fan of hers so that must of been awesome for him. Then she noticed the rest of us behind them and asked, "How many of you are out there?" Joe screamed 5 and a girl. Then she said, "Oh yeah the fag hag." And then she looked at me and said, "But the hot skinny ones we call fruit flies." YES YES YES!!!! That's the best compliment ever!!! Holy shit. A compliment from an insult comic. Yeah, that was fantastic. So they were calling me fruit fly for the rest of the night. After the show she was in the front selling her cd and I told her thank you for the fruit fly bit and she was so nice it was weird, on stage she's such a bitch. I would totally see her again.

Afterwards we headed to Katz's and then Ru and I went to JR's for a drink since he hasn't been out in a while and I sure as hell haven't been out. We get there and we see a few coworkers right there in the front and hang out with them all night. It was pretty cool. Ru met up with LaChoy the guy who invited us to the HAHMP (Houston Association of Hispanice Media Professionals) Gala in April where I got to meet John Quinones from 20/20. They talked for a while and exchanged numbers. Sooo maybe something good will come from it. But Ru is playing it down. At 2 we left and came back home and picked Ru up some McDonalds because he had the munchies. It was a great night.

Sunday I had the day off and I decided that I was going to go the park and run/walk since it was such a beautiful day. After that I went grocery shopping and organized my closet because I was so sick of not being able to walk in it. I made spaghetti and italian sausage for dinner and it was good to finally cook. I've been getting tired of eating out. Even tho when I eat out I try to make right decisions about it but then you fall into just getting junk. I just don't want to gain the weight back.

Spoke to Monie about my trip to LA in July. I feel like shit because I won't be able to make it to her graduation because I'll be in San Fransisco. But I will do something to make it up to her. I'll be purchasing the tickets this Friday.

I have the day off today. I need to go get my Roadrunner set up so I can stop using other people's computers. I should also head to the house to pick some more shit up but I hate doing that because it's so far.
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